Ruby Castel St Germain (English version)

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Photos: Erwin Haiden,

In 2012, Les Ateliers Ruby, the well-known brand of high-quality retro motorcycle helmets in the highest price class, presented the first full-face helmet in company history. A total of 15 different colours in respectively 6 sizes were offered in the Ruby flagship store Paris and online, until the French company surprisingly had to file for bankruptcy in 2014. However, the Ruby brand was retained, and thus, all three models – Pavilion (open helmet shape), Belvedere (jet helmet with visor) and Castel (full-face helmet) can still be ordered through the international website

The Chinese company Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology is behind this, which has always been responsible for the highest perfection in the development and manufacture of Ruby jet and full-face helmets with ECE, DOT and the Japanese JIS certification. The classy Retro helmets impress with elaborate workmanship, distinctive finishes and thoughtful details. Extensive customizing options, paired with various accessories, let the customer – if all colors, patterns and detailed finishes were counted together- choose from a total of 273,375 options.

UPDATE on the 18th of June 2018
Due to an unfair competition the real owner, Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology aka Les Ateliers Ruby, registered a new domain for their online shop: (the same as and
Instagram: @ruby_originals
Place your order there and you will receive the one and only Ruby helmet.

Ruby Castel St Germain

Ruby Helmets à la carte!
According to the motto „less is more“, we opted for the classic Café racer look of Castel St Germain in Glossy Black together with glittering chrome and black leather applications, which has proved itself for several months in the 1000PS-long-term test.

Ruby Castel St Germain

State-of-the-art technology & safety
– The outer shell is composed of carbon fiber (a heritage from the aviation and space industries, that provides a maximum of stability at lowest possible weight), Kevlar® (5 times stronger than steel) and fiberglass layers
– Double density inner shell that optimizes safety and shock absorbency with built-in ventilation ducts
– DOT (USA, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218)
– ECE 22.05 (Economic Commission for Europe)
– JIS (Japanese Safety Standard)
– For security reasons and weight reduction, all fixing elements are made of titanium and aluminum

Size instructions & certifications
Measure the circumference of your head on the widest point (usually approximately 2.5 cm or 1 inch above the eyebrows), then compare with the list below. Note, that the helmet must fit firmly to ensure safety. The padding inside can be dented slightly on spots where the shape of your head requires it
– 6 sizes (XS 53-54, S 55-56, M 57-58, L 59-60, XL 61-62, XXL 63-64)

Exquisite design with superior comfort
– Three densities of foam padding create outstanding noise isolation characteristics while there is plenty of room for the ears by a special notch
– Air channels in the wall of the helmet take out the heated air (12 in- and one outlet)
– Nappa leather with anti-bacteria lambskin interior make wearing our helmets an incomparable experience
– Good sound-damping
– Rubber strap on the rear for goggle attachment
– Without a fixed visor
– Double D-ring fastening guarantees perfect and comfortable adjustment
– Ultra light weight depending on size (910 g – 1.450 g); 1.352 g in large

In the box
– Red Ruby box
– Castel helmet
– Bordeaux red Ruby dust bag
– Safety instruction
– Safety stickers

Ruby Castel St Germain

Order and dispatch
The helmet was ordered in the Ruby Online Shop under Once the product model, design and accessories were chosen, the official Arai size chart for finding the right size guided us. I usually wear an Arai RX7-GP and have decided on the same size (large/59-60 cm) with the Ruby Castel. And it fits perfectly, although the powerful interior padding was slightly tighter – pure race feeling on the cheeks.
The tidy number was delivered by TNT directly from China, but in packaging out of the ordinary. It reminded me of the layers principle of a Russian matryoshka, and a ruby red, padded box was found in the robust transport carton, which, together with its burgundy transport bag, offered highest protection for the classy headgear.


Ruby Castel St GermainImpressions from practice
In addition to the fantastic look, the helmet impresses with its low weight of 1,352 grams. Even including the massive Castel Loup visor, the helmet weighs only 1,520 grams in the large size and is thus almost 100 grams lighter than my Arai RX7-GP in the same size.
Once peeled in, finest nappa lambskin leather clings to the cheeks of the happy owner. On the outside, stylish chrome accessories and black leather applications complete the look of the carbon helmet. The double-D fastening of titanium is easy to use and always perfectly adjusted. The strap is somewhat long, but can it embrace even any fatty double chin comfortably. A push button at its end prevents irritating flapping in the windblast.

The Castel is worn either without visor, with sunglasses or the in-house Loup visor. No matter which option you choose, the helmet proves to be correspondingly quiet until about 150 km/h. In combination with the Loup visor, it is only a smidgeon louder than the RX7-GP full-face helmet from Japan.

The ventilation is also fine. While this is not an issue with sunglasses in any case, it also impresses with the Loup-glazing at full speed. The visor neither shows condensation with high humidity and low speeds, nor does the nob burn under hot sunlight. Only when standing, one quickly reaches the limits of tolerability at 30 degrees and higher. Even though raising of the visor defuses the situation immensely, this should be meticulously re-positioned before the start – because this is difficult to manage with one hand when riding.
A small but fine detail is the minimalist card slot inside the leather tab on the back of the helmet. It contains a plastic card with the name, phone number, allergies, blood type and contact of the helmet wearer.

Disregarding the elevated price, the non-removable inner lining proves to be the only drawback. Being firmly attached, it complicates the mounting of headsets and intercom systems. Although the padding in the area of the ears would provide sufficient space, the lining restricts a thorough cleaning of the interior.

Ruby Castel St Germain

The Ruby may not be the most practical full-face helmet in the world, but one of the most beautiful without any significant weaknesses. Its outrageously high price will not matter to genuine posers, because the cool appearance including the high safety factor is worth every damn Euro.

Retail prices
Castel St Germain 1.250 US$ including shipping expenses
Castel Loup Brille-Dark Smoke 315 US$ including shipping expenses (168 gramm)
Peak Eclipse Visor-Lacquered Black 149 US$ (75 gramm)
All prices and options are given without obligation.

About Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology aka Les Ateliers Ruby
In 2006, Jean-Etienne Prach (CEO) and the designer Jerome Coste under the trade name Les Ateliers Ruby founded the Parisian company Studio Pilote France. In order to promote growth while ensuring the highest quality, the Chinese subsidiary Studio Pilote Xiamen Technology was launched in 2009. Since then, it looks after research and development, production, sales and marketing. After financial difficulties, the French group filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2014; the Paris shop was closed. The Chinese plant, now under the management of Alexander Mousselli, an engineer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was not affected thereby. All Ruby helmets – Pavilion, Belvedere and Castel – are developed, tested, produced and marketed globally from the start in the Chinese coastal city by the same specialists.

Ruby Castel St Germain